"...witness some of the dopest organic teamwork since Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh."
-SF Bay Guardian


Beatboxing is the art of making rhythms, grooves and sound effects using the human voice. This "fifth element of hip hop" originated in the early 80's — on street corners, in stairwells, schoolyards, and small clubs — and has been underground for years. Now, in the same way that DJ'ing and turntablism swept the world in the 90's, beatboxing is exploding.

The Vowel Movement was created to support the art of beatboxing in the Bay Area and beyond. Each month, The Vowel Movement features some of the best beatboxers in the Bay Area; sets up collaborations with instrumentalists, vocalists, poets, breakdancers, and other performers; and provides an open mike for new talent.

That's the Vowel Movement. We've got beatboxers of all kinds: black heads, white heads, Asian heads, Hispanic heads, male heads, female heads, high-school heads, Gen X, Y, & Z heads. And the audiences are as diverse as the performers.

You never know who'll drop by legendary rappers like Black Sheep and P.E.A.C.E. from Freestyle Fellowship, beatbox theatre from the Felonious crew, national talent like Chicago's Yuri Lane and NYC's Kid Lucky.

The Movement is growing. Ignore it at your unfunky peril.


"A monthly gathering of the Bay Area's best beatboxers... the VM is
evolving into a get-together of all elements of San Francisco's
underground hip hop community."

-- Flavorpill Review

"The art of beatboxing is undergoing a renaissance in the
Bay Area... this event is proof that vocal percussion has
transcended all boundaries. Hear the future sounds of
hip hop..."

-- SF Weekly Review

"The Vowel Movement will introduce you to a form of
vocal percussion different from all you've seen, no
matter how well you profess your awareness of hip-hop.
This event will open your mind, if not blow it."

-- Nitevibe Review

"Apparently, while the rest of us were sleeping, beatboxing moved into a
whole new realm... The new breed of beatboxing is some deep, powerful
Sh*t That Cannot Be Named. I encourage you to go the next event."

-- SF Weekly Review

"Unexpected guests often arrive at this monthly gathering, so witness
some of the dopest organic teamwork since Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh."

-- SF Bay Guardian Review

"An Empire of Phlegm... On a recent Friday night the beatboxers took
over, commanding a large and rapturous crowd."

-- East Bay Express Review